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Grades 6-8

MS SS Overview

The social studies curriculum provides the opportunity for responsible student engagement with real problems in the school, community, and the world around them. According to the Connecticut Social Studies Curriculum Framework, the National Council of Teachers of Social Studies, and the Common Core State Standards, students must be able to analyze, evaluate, and differentiate primary and secondary sources. Students must be able to read complex informational text because the vast majority of reading in college and workforce training programs will be nonfiction. Students will share this information through reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and presenting.

Units of Study in Middle School Social Studies

Grade 6 - World History

  • Unit 1: Geography
  • Unit 2: Archeology
  • Unit 3: Early China
  • Unit 4: Modern China
  • Unit 5: Ancient Europe
  • Unit 6: Medieval and Modern Europe

Grade 7 - World History

  • Unit 1: Latin America: Ancient Maya, Aztec and Inca
  • Unit 2: Latin America: Colonial Era
  • Unit 3: Latin America Contemporary (Brazil Case Study)
  • Unit 4: Africa: Ancient Egypt Mali and Ghana
  • Unit 5: Africa: Slave Trade and Imperialism
  • Unit 6: Africa: Contemporary (South Africa Case Study)
  • Unit 7: Middle East: Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Unit 8: Middle East Rise of Islam and the Ottoman Empire
  • Unit 9: Middle East: Contemporary (Israel/Palestine Case Study)

Grade 8 - United States History

  • Unit 1: Coming to America
  • Unit 2: Road to Revolution
  • Unit 3: Constitution
  • Unit 4: The Growth of a Nation
  • Unit 5: Causes of Civil War