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Teacher / Parent Math Resources

Informational Resources

Math Standards by Grade Level: Year end standards based expectation checklist. Anything highlighted yellow is a priority standard which means mastery of this standard is essential for success for the next grade level.

K - 5  Math Curriculum Map: Unit by unit map of math curriculum with standards and essential concepts

Addition and Multiplication Strategies: Strategies to help with Addition and Multiplication (Created by Marilyn Mudge, Ed.D. Wayne State College)

Parents Guide to the 8 Mathematical Practices: A parent's guide to explaining the 8 mathematical practices.

Useful Math Websites and Links

Happy Numbers: K-2 website with CCSS games and activities for promethean boards, smart boards, I-Pads and PC's. (added 5/7/2014)

Everyday Math Parent Connection: Parent activities guide for Everyday math.  Lots of great math activities and projects(added 1/27/2014)

Greg Tang Math: A math activities and games website ( added 1/2/2014)

Achieve the Core: A link to annotated grade level CCSS performance tasks. (added 12.17.13)

Mathigon Project: Mathigon is a collection of educational resources for children, the general public and teachers. (added 10.23.13)

Common core sheets: CCSS math worksheets resource with answer keys and advanced features (added 9.27.13)

IXL: Students can solve 10 free problems ranging K-6; subscriptions can be purchased.

Sumdog: Highly engaging free site with math games.

ScootPad: Website and app aligned with Common Core; students earn redeemable points by solving problems.  Can be differentiated for individual students.

Mastery Connect: Common Core site where you can share Common Formative Assessments and track student data; aligned app with domains/strands for quick reference.

Math Antics: Video demonstrations in student friendly language.

Khan Academy: Video demonstrations on thousands of topics.

Educreation: Create videos and share resources with your iPad for struggling students and other teachers. Lessons can be accessed during small group instruction or at home.

Learn Zillion: Common Core resource sharing site with videos to run on Promethean boards, Ipads and accompanying worksheets and lesson plans.

Super Teacher Worksheets: Fee based site with math resources including a math fact generator for Mad Minutes. ($19.95 per year)

XP Math: CCSS aligned math games and activities

Applications (APPS)

Puffin Browser (free): Free app that allows you to run Flash on your Ipad from 8:00am-4:00pm (all EM Games work). Outside of the time frame you would have to get the paid version.(added 1/27/2014)

Photon Browser: This is a paid app that allows you to run Flash on your iPad (so ALL the Em games will work) and other games.

Splash Math Apps: Colorful, fun games ranging grades K-5 including a “Back to School” and “Summer Review”. Cost: about $5 per app.

Sumdog Snowball: App is “Sumdog” version of the website.

ScootPad: The app runs similarly to the site.