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Performing Arts

Stamford is the cultural center of Fairfield County. A wealth of professional performances including symphony, theater, opera, ballet and internationally recognized artists inspire our community to support ongoing opportunities for our youth.

This cultural atmosphere forges a partnership between our school system and the community. Our goal as music educators is to develop the skills, tools and foundations necessary to have a lifelong appreciation for and participation in the arts.

The Arts have a unique potential for engaging all students. The study of music demands high standards which include analytical and creative thinking, tenacity, discipline, teamwork and commitment. A productive life and career are dependent upon the successful development of these valuable life skills.

Music is essential to the academic experience. A well-designed music education increases student attendance, positive student involvement and graduation percentages. For some students, music presents a first opportunity for learning; for all students, music offers a chance to learn more. Research shows powerful evidence of a cause and effect link between music instruction and academic performance. Furthermore,statistics indicate that students who participate in music earn higher grades and score better on achievement tests.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Rebecca Chuhta District Content Leader for Performing Arts