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Special Education Programs and Services

Services for Students Requiring Specialized Instruction


General Education

Students with disabilities may be able to fully participate in general education while having their individual needs met through resource.

Inclusion/Co-Taught Throughout the District

Designed for students with educational disabilities who are able to access general education with minimal supports from the special education teacher. Progress towards meeting the general education standards are closely monitored. 

Learning Centers (ELA & Math) Middle and High Schools

English Language Arts & Math Learning Centers are designed to follow the district curriculum with the flexibility to meet the individual needs of a student through changes to pacing and modification of content. These classes equip students with the tools necessary to enter into a more independent style of learning.

Resource and Academic Support Middle and High Schools

These courses provide direct support to students, focusing on the continuous development of academic excellence as related to their individualized educational plans. Individual instruction is provided in areas executive functioning, self-advocacy, self-management an student-specific academic goals.

CORE - Creating Opportunities for Readiness and Exploration 11 Schools Throughout the District

Designed for students that have challenges with intellectual functioning, social and daily living skills. CORE classroom have at least one teacher, three paraeducators and up to 10 students. Students are assigned to both their CORE classroom and a general education classroom in order to ensure growth and development in the areas of social pragmatics, participation in school activities and activities of daily living. Related service supports include BCBA, Speech and Language, Social Skills, Occupational and Physical Therapy, as well as, Art and Music Therapy.

CORE Learning Centers 1 High School - 28 Students

Similar to the CORE programs at elementary and middle schools. These courses are designed to develop, maintain and enhance basic skills in reading, math, science and writing, utilizing approaches adapted to meet individual needs. This program includes Speech and Language development and Social/Emotional skills. Students apply basic functional skills to everyday activities.  

ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) Program 19 Schools Throuighout the District - 300 Students

This program is specifically designed for students who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Students enrolled in these programs typically have difficulties with behavior, social skills and learning in a general education setting. The ASD classrooms focus on delivering instruction while utilizing ABA methodology with BCBA supervision. Classrooms have one teacher and up to four paraeducators. LEarning takes place in small groups with individual instruction. Data is taken to inform the team and help drive educational decision making. Related services can include BCBA, Speech and Language Therapy, Social Skills, Occupational and Physical Therapy, as well as, Art and Music Therapy.

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More 4 Schools - 27 Students

This program currently services students that are medically fragile and require nursing care. Students require adaptive equipment, Augmentative and Assistive Technology in order to access the curriculum. Art and Music Therapy are provided to support the student’s ability to become connected to their environment. Students are assigned to a TEAM class and general education class to support inclusive opportunities and maintain relationships within the school community. 

REACH - Therapeutic Classroom 1 Elementary and 1 Secondary

This program focuses on students that have intensive social-emotional needs that prevent them from being successful in larger academic settings. Students  have problematic behaviors, trouble focusing on independent activities and appropriate peer interactions. Students in the REACH program receive five hours a week of BCBA consult and support from Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT). Students benefit from a whole class contingency management system in order to support the development of prosocial behaviors. Related services can include BCBA, Speech and Language Therapy, Social Skills, Occupational and Physical Therapy.

IAI - Individuals Achieving Independence Government Center - 16 Students

Our district community-based transition program for students ages 18-21. Students spend 80% of their day in the community and 20% of their day in a classroom. A goal of IAI is to prepare students for competitive employment through experiential learning at worksites around the Stamford community. Students are supported by functional, individualized educational programming implemented both on campus and in the community by our certified staff members. Students participate in a variety of unpaid internships that replicate industry-specific competitive employment experiences. Initially supported by trained job coaches in small groups at worksites and faded to maximize opportunities for independence as the students will be seeking paid employment and independent living. 

PAVE - Post Secondary, Activities of Daily Living, Vocational Experience & Community Exposure i School

Provide supportive employment experiences or day service programs. Students spend 80% of time in a instructional environment and 20% in the community. Students are 18-21 years and require additional support for life and social skills.

College Steps - Transition Programming for Individualized College Support Partnership with Norwalk Community College - 5 Students

Based on the goals and objectives in the student IEP, this program services students who have completed high school credits but have not elected to accept their high school diploma. Students that receive this type of support are ages 18-21 and are responsible for tuition. Stamford Public School funds the College Support portions; classes are held on the campus of Norwalk Community College. Stamford oversees this service with a combination of weekly and monthly meetings depending on student needs.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Email Phone
Kathy Quaglino Assistant Director of Special Education for Specialized Programs 203-977-5621