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Special Education and Related Services

Dear Parents:

Welcome to the Special Education and Related Services Department for the Stamford Public Schools. 

The Special Education Department is ready to collaborate and listen to your concerns and address any questions that you may have about the referral process or your child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  We offer quality programming that is geared to meet the needs of all students, which requires ongoing planning, support and collaboration between the home and school.  Our website provides you with information, resources, and an overview of programming in SPS.  We look forward to working as a team to provide your child a quality educational experience.  If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to your child's classroom teacher or the Special Education Administrator at your school.  


Dr. Michael Fernandes

Associate Superintendent for Intervention and Student Support 

Special Education School Contacts

School Administrator Email Phone
AITE Joseph Cozza



Sidney Watson

Anthony Buzzeo


Kendra Brown

Lisa Cody

Cloonan Jillian Churchill 203-977-5473
Davenport Melissa Fano-Dropick 203-977-6117
Dolan Christie Robinson  203-977-4440
Hart Sara Paolini 203-977-5083
Julia Stark Jen DeRubeis 203-977-4583
K.T. Murphy Brendan Fox 203-977-5216
Newfield Randy Bilik 203-977-4280
Northeast Kathy Lane

OOD Amy Ofiero 203-977-4907

Michelle Levine-Schmitt

Elizabeth Sellinger

Rippowam Robert Biko 203-977-5276

Cathy Cummings

Alexander Hanna

Roxbury Sandra Ehlers 203-977-4290
Scofield Scott Clayton 203-977-2773
Springdale Kip Childs 203-977-4826
Stamford High Matthew Moynihan 203-977-4706
Stillmeadow Iuliana Roata 203-977-5247
Strawberry Hill Sandra Carlton 203-977-1175
Toquam Corine Matarasso 203-977-5624
Turn of River  Jennifer Laughlin 203-977-5434
Westhill High Claudia Obas 203-977-4484
Westover Kathleen Quaglino 203-977-4572

Special Education District Contacts

Name Title Email Phone
Meghan Osowiecki Director of Special Education and Related Services


Jon Panzer Assistant Director of Special Education 203-977-5622
Kerriann Duffy Assistant Director of Special Education 203-977-5525
Melissa Castiglia Assistant Director of Special Education 203-977-4061
Marshell Medley Assistant Director of Special Education 203-977-4320
Shana Halsey Interim Assistant Director of Special Education 203-977-6177
Carol Policastro Office Support Specialist 203-977-4524
Kimberly Arruda-Gulitz TOSA for Special Education & Coaching


Rachel Bria Department Head of Psychology 203-977-4324
Kerry Murphy Department Head of Speech 203-977-0824
Joe O’Callaghan Department Head of Social Work 203-977-4902


Hours of Operation:
8:00 am to 4:00 pm

(203) 977-4524

(203) 977-4985

See map: Google Maps

5th Floor, Stamford Government Center (North)
888 Washington Blvd.
Stamford, CT 06901
United States