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Website Feedback Form

Welcome to the newly launched websites for the Stamford Public Schools.  Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, Stamford Public Schools (SPS) implemented a major redesign of our district, school, and program websites.  We hope that you will agree that the year-long process has resulted in a new website experience that is engaging, user-friendly and school-specific.

Please take a few moments to provide feedback through the below form, so that we can ensure that information on the website is easily available and effectively communicated.  

How did you hear about the NEW SPS websites?
What are you hoping to accomplish by visiting our website?
Were you able to quickly find what you were looking for?
Do you find the navigation to be simple and useful?
Are you having trouble finding anything on the website?
Is there anything missing from the website?
How likely are you to recommend the website to others?
Please share any additional feedback or suggestions of how we could improve the SPS website experience.