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Student & Staff Achievements

SPS Shout Outs

Jennifer Gonzalez

A Donation of Books Can Change The World: One Book At A Time

A big thank you to our community partners, KPMG accounting and a team from ABS Global Investments, who visited our school last week.  The group visited six classrooms and read stories to third graders and New Arrivals students. The KPMG Families for Literacy (KFFL) program donated 238 books to Davenport Ridge and each child received a book to take home and keep. Thank you for helping our students SOAR! 


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." - Dr. Seuss.


Westover Bubble Run 2Westover Bubble Run 1

Belltown Fire Department Visits Kindergarten

The Belltown Fire Department visited Newfield's Kindergartners!  Among other things, they showed us the "Jaws of Life", their fire truck and a working smoke detector.  We are proud to share that the presenting firefighters included a current Newfield parent and former Newfield students...Newfield Proud!  A big thank you to our community helpers.

Belltown fire department Newfield

Monster Dash Success at Northeast

We just completed our biggest school fundraiser of the year - the Monster Dash! The Monster Dash is an outdoor fun run and obstacle course for all Northeast students.  This year we raised just over $37,000 and the money goes towards student enrichment programs, field trips and extracurricular experiences like our Talent Show, all-school assemblies, 5th grade musical, Science Fair, Field Days, family events, and more!  A special thanks to the PTO, Coach P. and Mrs. Lubowitz for making this event possible.


Monsterdash 3Monsterdash2Monster Dash1

Strawberry Hill Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Primary Years Program

Strawberry Hill had parent volunteers of Hispanic heritage, read to students and talk about cultural traditions.  Students enjoyed the read-alouds and talking to parents in our community.  Students shared traditions and customs that they have partaken in. 

Raquel Bonessi

Each student presented orally in Spanish through a series of images or symbols in the first person (to recall the necessary language) avoiding reading off the screen.  Students explained what they were like physically and described their personality. They also spoke about where they were from, where they currently lived, their occupation, their goals, their contributions to society and other interesting facts. The student audience took notes in the third person and tried to guess who the personality was that was being presented.  Hispanic personalities included scientists, musicians, politicians, lawyers, athletes, and entrepreneurs. 

Maritza Benhiudiath

The 7th-grade classes at Strawberry Hill School embarked on a vibrant journey through the rich tapestry of Hispanic cultures!  Our 7th Grade Spanish students showcased the diverse and dynamic traditions of their country of origin.  Whether it was a soulful song, a cherished artifact, mouthwatering cuisine, or compelling literature, each presentation was a unique reflection of the vast and varied Hispanic heritage. We immersed ourselves in the beauty and diversity of the Hispanic world, and celebrated the myriad cultures that contribute to its splendor! 


Edison Sanchez

“La Ofrenda'' is an altar used during the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos.  This holiday was highlighted by the children's movies COCO and the Book of Life.  During this festive holiday, families gather to celebrate family and loved ones.  Some of the items found on the Ofrenda include: pictures of family members, fruits, sweet bread, cempasúchil marigold flowers, champurrado (mexican hot chocolate), tamales, among other items. Another element of Dia de Los Muertos are the colorful Papel Picado banners, hung from the rooms’ ceiling and city streets. 

Thanks to support from our PTO, Students in Grades 1-4  will have the opportunity to experience and learn about the Ofrenda and this wonderful Mexican holiday.

Jill Jansson

Ms. Jansson highlighted Hispanic modern mathematicians/scientists/engineers as well as the contributions to our math theory from ancient MesoAmerican cultures.  One of those items is an ancient numerical system using a box, a dot, and a dash assumed to be invented by the Olmecs (a precursor civilization to the Incas).  The classes wrote and solved problems using this method along with the current concepts in math. 

Miranda DePoi

Ms. DePoi brought light to Hispanic music throughout history, tying it into the book, The Giver. The celebration of the music would explore the overall theme of the unit, which is "Freedom and Choice", because the people of The Giver chose to exchange the beauty of music and diversity for safety and conformity, without realizing, of course, this cost them their freedom. Ms. DePoi plans on playing songs of Hispanic heritage that specifically deal with the theme of freedom.

Swapnila Pawar

Students will learn about Hispanic women scientists. Additionally, each student will learn and make a mexican paper flower. My classroom door and my bulletin board will be decorated with these flowers.

Laura Lynam

Students learned about multiple Hispanic figures.  They explored the meaning of Hispanic and the multi facets of its culture.  Students learned about a person of interest each day and learned about their contributions to society.

Hispanic Heritage Month at Strawberry HillHispanic Heritage Month at Strawberry HillHispanic Heritage Month at Strawberry HillHispanic Heritage Month at Strawberry HillHispanic Heritage Month at Strawberry Hill

KT Murphy Community Hosts Halloween Trunk or Treat

KT Murphy hosted a community Trunk or Treat on Saturday, October 28.  Almost 300 members of the KT Murphy community attended this wonderful weekend family event.  KT Murphy staff Lydia O'Hagan and Ashley Buchta chaired the event alongside Chelsea Coussens, Kristina Colmenares, Marie Camacho and student volunteers from AITE.  


Trunk or Treatdecorated trunkDecorated trunk

GLOWING REVIEWS FOR P.E. @ Strawberry Hill

The PE Department at Strawberry Hill planned various FUNtastic sets of physical activities that glowed. Whether it was climbing the neon wall, hitting a moving bullseye, adjusting a glowing jump shot, or maneuvering in glowing carts.  Strawberry Hill students glowed with excitement!  Thank you to Mallory Nadro, Juan Zecena and Evan Skoparantzos for planning this event.  Link to video of event. 


Glow party

Strawberry Dash Promotes Healthy Living

Strawberry Hill K-8 Pioneers enjoyed raising funds for the school by promoting school spirit and healthy living.  Students, teachers, and families in grades 7th & 8th participated in a color run.  Students in Grades 5th & 6th participated in a Ninja Obstacle course, while students in Grades K-4, participated in the campus Fun Run.   The entire Strawberry Hill Community was actively engaged and connected to kick-off the week of school spirit. Special thanks to the Strawberry Hill PTO and all the families that contributed.  The school made several school spirit videos!  Watch here and here!


Strawberry Hill staff dashStrawberry Hill students dashStrawberry Hill students dashStrawberry Hill students dash

What is an SPS Shout Out?

An SPS Shout Out is a special recognition that acknowledges school communities, staff members or students who have inspired us with a unique project, an outstanding job or a special effort that had a positive impact on our students or community.  Each week we will celebrate a few by sharing with all SPS staff and posting on the district website. Please share any or all of these with your friends and families.   

SPS Administrators can submit Shout Outs for consideration through the form shared with them in the Administrators’ Weekly.   

High School Honor Roll 

Stamford Public Schools believes in recognizing students who demonstrate significant academic achievement through hard work and commitment. To earn honors in a marketing period, a student must be taking a minimum of three credits in that marketing period.

There are three levels of Honors:

  • Honors with Distinction: Straight As (includes A and A-)
  • High Honors: All As with the exception of one B (includes B+, B and B-)
  • Honors: All As and or Bs with the exception of one C (includes C+, C and C-)

All course grades are included in the calculation for qualifying of Honor Roll. Honor Roll status will be indicated on report cards quarterly. Honor Roll does not take into consideration GPA, only current semester grades.

Board Recognitions

Stamford Public Schools is proud of the many achievements and successes of our students and staff. Each month at the Regular Board of Education (BOE) meeting, the District celebrates accomplishments of students and staff members. All community members are invited to attend the monthly meetings to join in our recognition. If you cannot attend the meeting, you can always read about those we celebrate here.

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