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Out of Attendance Zone Placement (OOAZ)

Please use a link below to request Out-of-Attendance Zone (OOAZ) placement for the 2024-2025 school year. 

OOAZ Request Form: Parent Portal  (Available under forms)
Professional Courtesy Request Form: Certified Staff ONLY (Available under forms)


Please note that most decisions will be made over the summer months (July and August). Once a decision has been made, you will receive an e-mail indicating approval or denial of the request. 

Questions and Answers for Out-of-Attendance Zone (OOAZ) Placement

Regulation #5117R describes the Board of Education Policy on Out-of-Attendance Zone placement, which can be found in the Policies and Regulations guide online.

1. What is Out-of-Attendance Zone (OOAZ) Placement ?

Out-of-Attendance Zone placement refers to a child attending a school other than the one in the attendance zone of their legal residence. Requests for enrollment in magnet schools or placement in Special Education Programs will not be considered for Out-of-Attendance Zone placements.

2. Where Do Parents/Guardians Obtain Applications?

Out-of-Attendance Zone form may be completed through your parent portal under forms by using the links above.

The completed form and the necessary accompanying documentation must be uploaded and attached to the request. If you are having trouble completing the OOAZ form, you can contact the Office of Family and Community Engagement at

3. What Documents Need to be Submitted?

The Out-of-Attendance Zone (OOAZ) placement form must be completed through your Parent Portal. Documents supporting the specific type of application - Medical, Child Care, Special Program and Other - must also be uploaded with the request. Examples of documentation are provided in the form.

4. How Will I Be Notified?

You will be notified the status your OOAZ form by e-mail. If the OOAZ form is denied, it may be appealed in accordance with Board of Education policy governing Out-of-Attendance Zone placement. If applicable, appeal form will be available via Parent Portal. An appeal will ONLY be available if you have previously filled out an OOAZ form and it has been denied.

You will be notified by e-mail of the appeal decision made by the Associate Superintendent for School Development.

5. Can my child play sports at his school which is an Out-of-Attendance Zone (OOAZ) placement?

Policy #5118R describes the Board of Education Policy on student eligibility for high school athletes, which can be found in the Policies and Regulations guide online.

For OOAZ students, the following guidelines apply:

  1. Any current high school student that transfers from one school to the other, at any time, for an academic program that is not offered at the opposite school (e.g., Agriscience, JROTC at Westhill or ECS or the MYP/IB Programme at Stamford, etc.) is allowed to participate in athletics immediately and without restriction. 
  2. Any current high school student that transfers from one district school to another and is not entering one of the pre-approved academic programs (as stated above) may tryout and participate in athletics. However, they are not allowed to play in any official games for one calendar year (from the date of the transfer) per BOE Policy Regulation 5118R.

6. Who May I Contact with Further Questions?

Contact the Office of Family and Community Engagement at