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School Climate Survey 2023 results

The SPS Climate Survey was conducted in March-April 2023.  Submissions were received from 79% of Staff, 73% of Students and over 5200 families.  This year's results represent a 32% increase in year-over-year participation by our parents and caregivers. 

Building principals and their leadership teams received their school’s report in early June and the results were shared with the Board of Education during their June 15, 2023 Teaching and Learning Committee Meeting.  The principals and their leadership teams are drilling down into their data to identify priority areas and the steps their school will take in the coming school year to improve. Each school will have an action plan in place this fall.

School climate affects every aspect of the school experience. Research has shown that a positive school climate correlates to higher attendance rates, test scores, promotion rates, and graduation rates. When everyone feels welcome, safe, and valued in school, it positively impacts both teaching and learning. 

2022-2023 Goals

Responses to the 2023-2024 School Climate Survey were collected from March 16 - April 7, 2024.  Results of the survey will be shared with all stakeholders later this Spring. SPS celebrates positive school climate each week with our SPS SHOUT OUTS SPS acknowledges schools, staff members and students who have a positive impact on their school climate.  We celebrate these individuals and groups who inspire us with unique projects, events and special efforts that positively impact our students and communities and make everyone feel welcome!

Please contact your building administrators for details about the School Climate Survey results in your school community. Click below to access district-wide results.

SPS Climate Survey Dashboard by Panorama

JUNE Presentation to the BOE

Examples of Schools Promoting a Positive School Climate

Westover Elementary School: Choose Love

Westover is very excited about the school's new Social Emotional Curriculum, Choose Love. Part of the implementation involves monthly Choose Love Assemblies on early release PD days.

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Dolan Middle School: Building Community

Dolan Middle School's Restorative Student Support Facilitator is making connections and building relationships among staff, students and families.

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Stamford High: Celebrating Black History Month

Stamford High School hosts a month-long celebration by highlighting a number of whole school events where students and adults can participate in numerous ways. 

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