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Office of Family & Community Engagement


Registration documents can be dropped off in the lobby of Government Center Monday - Friday without an appointment.

For questions please call: 203-977-5312 or email 

The Office of Family and Community Engagement provides families with information about the resources in the schools and community, and offers support to have access to all of them.

Family Engagement is a full, equal, and equitable partnership among families, educators and community partners to promote children’s learning and development from birth through college and career.*

FullFamilies, educators and community partners collaborate closely and consistently in promoting children’s learning and development.

Equal: Families and educators recognize that both bring valuable knowledge to the table.

Equitable: Families are empowered to work with educators, public officials, and community partners to remove systemic, structural, and organizational barriers that perpetuate inequities and injustice.

Participación de la familia (Family Engagement) es una asociación plena, igual y equitativa entre las familias, los educadores y la comunidad para promover el aprendizaje y el desarrollo de los niños desde el nacimiento hasta la universidad y la carrera profesional. *

Plena: Familias, educadores y socios de la comunidad colaboran estrecha y consistentemente en la promoción del aprendizaje y desarrollo de los niños.

Igual: Tanto familias como educadores reconocen que ambos aportan conocimientos valiosos.

Equitativa: Las familias tienen las facultades para trabajar con educadores, funcionarios públicos y socios de la comunidad para eliminar las barreras sistémicas, estructurales y organizacionales que perpetúan las inequidades y la injusticia.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone

Mike Meyer

Director of Family and Community Engagement

(203) 977-5312

Pilar Pelaez

Customer Service Specialist 

(203) 977-5312

Ashley Hutchinson

School & Family Resource Facilitator

(203) 977-4465

Ingrid Elio-Mansilla

Family & Community Engagement Facilitator

(203) 977-4327