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Enrichment and Supplemental Programs

In keeping with the vision of the Superintendent, Dr. Tamu Lucero and mandates of our Board of Education, the office of Enrichment and Supplemental Programs is committed to optimal management of state and federal entitlement grants and procurement of competitive grants.  Our objective is to supplement, not supplant the annual budget.

All grant funds must be used to provide additional programs and or staff to improve the quality of education for students. Grant funds and related guidelines are rigid and cannot be used to fund what would have been otherwise funded by Board of Education operating budget funds. All programs and/or staff must be supplemental in nature and may not be used to supplant Board of Education budget.


Although allocations to qualified districts/schools are predetermined based on a designated formula, a comprehensive annual application process must be followed to receive funding. An accountability system is also in place for each grant, as indicated by the annual report that must be submitted to the State Department of Education for the continuation of the grant. The annual reporting must validate that all funded programs and staff follow each grant’s guidelines and regulations. Local school districts are subjected to two sets of “mandates” that are the basis for federal and state funding.


Grants managed by the Department of Enrichment and Supplemental Programs are evaluated annually by an external evaluator. Annual fiscal audits are also completed by an external auditor. Several reports related to specific grant mandates are requested and submitted to the Connecticut State Department of Education. These include the following:

  • Fact Sheet and annual report to the Priority School District Grant
  • Fact Sheet and annual report for the Extended School Hours Grant
  • Title I Comparability Report
  • TransAct - A web based System for the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant.

Contact Info

Name Title Phone
Cheryl Poltrack Director of Enrichment and Supplemental Programs (203) 977-5271
Marie Underwood Data Management Specialist (203) 977-5447