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Workers Compensation

If you are injured at work, please take the following steps:

  1. Report the injury to your Building Administrator immediately, whether or not you require medical attention.
  2. Work with the Building Administrator to complete the First Report of Injury/Personnel Injury Report Form and ensure that the form is submitted to (1) the City’s Risk Management Department and (2) the Workers' Comp Insurance Company.
  3. If needed, seek treatment at an approved First Treatment Center or the nearest Emergency Room (for true medical emergencies).
    1. AFC Urgent Care - Stamford
      3000 Summer St. Stamford CT 06905
      (203) 969-2000
    2. Yale New Haven Health Occupational Medicine and Wellness Services
      260 Long Ridge Road, Suite 2140, Stamford, CT  06902
      (203) 863-3483
  4. If you need to be absent from work because of your injury at work (i.e. you have a medical note putting you out of work), report the absence to Aesop using the “Workers Comp - Unaut” code.
    1. If the absence is approved, it will be changed to “Workers Comp-Auth” by HR
    2. If the absence is not approved, it will be changed to use your accrued Personal Illness days.

Please also be aware of the following:
  • You must treat with providers who are in the Workers Comp Insurance Network.  If you have any questions whether a provider is in the Workers Comp Insurance Network, please refer to the Workers’ Compensation Medical Care Plan.
  • If you treat with a provider who is not in the Workers Comp Insurance Network, the treatment will be denied.
Stamford Public Schools Workers Comp Insurance Provider is:

PMA Companies
Mail Correspondence to:  P.O. Box 5231, Janesville, WI  53547-5231
Contact:  Jill Moulton, Account Claims Rep.
Phone: (888) 476-2669
Fax: (203) 679-3894

District Contacts for Workers Comp:

David Villalva, Risk Manager, (203) 977-4083
Matt Stuhlman, Safety Officer, (203) 977-4908