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Salary Reclassification


When teachers have completed sufficient graduate credits for the next salary classification, a completed salary reclassification form along with official transcripts must be presented to Human Resources by August 31st for September 1st reclassification, or January 31st for February 1st reclassification.

Click here to complete the Salary Reclassification Form

Official Transcripts MUST be e-mailed to BOE.HRGenInfo@StamfordCT.Gov or mailed to:

Stamford Public Schools
Attn: Human Resources
888 Washington Blvd, 5 South
Stamford, CT  06901

For fastest processing official transcripts should be emailed to BOE.HRGenInfo@StamfordCT.Gov. Submissions through any other method or to any other person may cause delays in processing or result in missed deadlines.