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Childcare scholarships


Members of the Stamford Education Association are eligible to apply for Childcare Scholarships to cover a portion of the expenses related to childcare for their children between 0-6 years of age who attend paid childcare facilities that are eligible for expenditures under a flex spending account. A limited number of scholarships will be awarded by lottery based on the budget.

Information regarding SPS flex spending accounts can be found on our benefits page located HERE

Please refer to IRS Publication 503 for flex spending eligibility guidelines located HERE

Statements or Receipts in PDF format should be E-Mailed to BOE.HRGenInfo@StamfordCT.Gov. Submissions through any other method or to any other person may cause delays in processing.

  • Guidelines  
  • Application - Closed on 1/20/2024. The next open period will be in the Fall.