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Stamford Asset Management Group

The Stamford Asset Management Group is responsible for all school facilities operations and capital management.  All work previously carried out by the Mold Task Force is now the responsibility of the Stamford Asset Management Group.  The focus of SAMG is now the City/BOE Long Term Facilities Plan.


SPS Long-Term Facilities Committee

The Long-Term Facilities Committee is made up of a group Stamford Public Schools (SPS) teachers, staff members, state representatives, and Board of Education members.  The goal of the committee is to meet regularly and develop a comprehensive plan for addressing the capital, repair and maintenance needs of our district’s aging buildings and, more importantly, determine how the City of Stamford and SPS will secure the necessary funding to accomplish this long-term goal.  Please note that we will continue to add members to this committee including representation from our teachers, staff, as well as our state representatives.


The City of Stamford is working in close collaboration with the Stamford Public Schools in the implementation of a plan that addresses the current and future needs of our school campuses and facilities. As part of this process, the City of Stamford held listening sessions in February and March of 2022 to obtain feedback from parents, teachers, students and community members. 

Committee agendas, minutes and meeting details, past and present, will be available online shortly.