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Public Safety

Pathway Summary:

The Public Safety pathway prepares students with a broad-based foundational knowledge in careers that involve public safety. The educational foundation will assist students who wish to pursue related professional training at the postsecondary level. Students will gain experience through classroom instruction, hands-on training, and workplace learning in the field.


Pathway Courses:

  • Public Safety 1
  • Public Safety 2 (coming in 2024-2025)

Recommended Clubs & Organizations:

  • Stamford Police Department
  • Stamford Fire Department
  • Stamford Emergency Medical Services

Future Careers:

(4yrs of college): Arbitrators, Forensic science technicians, Probation officers and correctional treatment specialist

(Certification): Court reporters and simultaneous captioners, Emergency medical technicians, Fire inspectors and investigators, Firefighters, Paralegals and legal assistants

(High School Diploma): Animal control workers, crossing guards and flaggers, customs and border protection officers, forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists, Lifeguards and other recreational protective service workers, Police and sheriff’s patrol officers, Private detectives and investigators, Public safety telecommunications, Security guards