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“Looking to be a Partner?”

Partner With Us!

We are currently looking for business and community partners to take part in the areas listed below. If you would like to partner in any of these areas (or have other partnership ideas) please contact Dr. Claudia Berlage via or 203-977-4268. 

Work with Students to Build Their Career Skills and Understanding

  • Career or industry fair
  • Career interview
  • Resume writing support
  • Mock job interviews support
  • My Career Journey Talk
  • Tech Talk
  • My Business Talk
  • Employability Skills Talk
  • Career Navigation Talk
  • Expert Judging
  • Project Coaching

Offer Work-based Learning Experiences Outside of School

  • Worksite Tour
  • Student job-shadows
  • Teacher externships
  • Student internships or cooperative education experiences

Support Program Improvement and Advancement

  • Real-World Projects and/or units of study
  • Program advisory committee
  • Advocate
  • Collaborate in a new program startup or in restructuring existing programs
  • Provide program resources