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Cooperative Work Education

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• Are you going to be a Junior or Senior who currently has a part-time job?

• Are you interested in leaving school early to receive High School Credit for your work-experience?

• Do you want to apply employability skills and business education at the workplace?

• Do you want to discover how your current part-time job helps develop skills beyond the classroom?

The Stamford Public Schools Cooperative Work Education Program is designed to equip Juniors and Seniors (who will be preferred) with real-world occupational skills as well as a business-oriented curriculum to support a successful transition into the workforce. The Cooperative Work Education program is made up of two components: virtual asynchronous modules and work-based learning experiences. The 0.5 credit virtual CWE class contains a career development curriculum focusing on soft skills at the workplace, building a LinkedIn profile, developing a resume and discussing workplace related case studies. Students earn 0.5 - 1 credit (depending on logged work hours) for the work-based learning. They earn 0.5 credits for the virtual class-based learning experiences. This adds up to a combined 1-1.5 credit(s). Students may use their current job and must submit online academic work. The CWE program is open to Juniors and Seniors at SHS and WHS who are interested in learning about the world of work. Approval from administrator and school counselor is required.

Prerequisite: Approval from administrator and school counselor

Don't currently have a part time job? Click here for opportunities!