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Health and wellness


Health and Wellness Series
Magnificent Mondays and Thoughtful Thursdays    

Nutrition Navigator (pptx)

Stamford Public Schools_ Nutrition Navigator  -20201124 0001-1

November 23 Week 1

Mindful Meditation COVID (pptx)

Stamford Public Schools_MindfulMeditation-20201201 0002-1

November 30 Week 2

Coping with Uncertainty During the 19 COVID-19 Outbreak (pptx)

Stamford Public Schools_Coping with Uncertainty During the COVID-19 Outbreak-20201208 0005-1

December 7 Week 3

Mental Toughness (pptx)

Stamford Public Schools-MentalToughness-20201215 0310-1

December 14  Week 4

Stress Management (pptx)


December 21 Week 5

Clean Living (pptx)


December 28

Week 6

Healthy Cooking

Stamford Public Schools_HealthyCooking-20201204 0001-1

Dealing with Mental Health
April 2022