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August 11, 2023:  Stamford Public Schools has launched a Remote Learning Program (RLP) for students in grades 9-12. This new program will provide SPS students with the flexibility to pursue academic success in a 100 percent digital environment, while remaining enrolled in their district high school for extracurricular activities and school services.

The SPS Remote Learning Program is designed for highly motivated students who may not be able to adhere to an in-person school schedule due to academic or artistic pursuits, health issues, or unique family circumstances. Rather than unenrolling in Stamford Public Schools, these students will be able to complete high school academic requirements online while remaining eligible to participate in other aspects of a traditional high school experience.   

“Stamford Public Schools is committed to preparing all students for success beyond high school,” said Dr. Lori Rhodes, Associate Superintendent for Access and Opportunity. “The Remote Learning Program is a natural extension of our efforts to meet the individual academic needs and interests of every high school student, including those for whom a full-time, in-person school experience is not practical.”

The new SPS Remote Learning Program is aligned to the Connecticut State Department of Education Standards for Remote Learning. Students will receive instruction aligned to their individualized needs in a fully remote environment. A certified Stamford Public Schools educator will serve as the program’s remote learning specialist. The remote learning specialist will serve as a student advisor, meeting with enrolled students regularly to monitor engagement and academic progress.

SPS contracted with Edmentum to provide instruction for the RLP. Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy offers rigorous, common core aligned curriculums taught by State of Connecticut certified teachers. EdOptions includes College Prep, Honors and AP level courses. 

The RLP will afford students the opportunity to engage in 8 total courses throughout the school year. Credit will be awarded at the end of each semester. The RLS will work with students on an individual basis to determine what is the best number of courses to focus on per semester. Typically, we recommend students focus on 4 courses at a time (instead of all 8). This will result in students being eligible to earn 4 full credits per semester. Based on this, transfer windows into and out of the program will occur in advance of S1 and S2.
Students will be permitted to transfer between the remote learning academy and their district high school each semester based on their individual needs. Grades will be reported to students and families via PowerSchool. 

Enrollment in the Remote Learning Program will be capped at a maximum of 30 students for the 2023-24 school year. There will be an application review process to ensure that every student enrolled is the right fit for a remote learning environment. 

Students and families interested in learning more about the Remote Learning Program may attend information sessions on Tuesday, August 15 at 7:45 am via Zoom or 5:30 pm via Zoom (see below for meeting ID and password). Interpretation will be provided for both webinars, and English and Spanish recordings will be available on the SPS website for those unable to attend. 

Students interested in applying to the SPS Remote Learning Program should complete the application, which is available HERE


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