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Office of School Innovation

The Department of Access & Opportunity is committed to developing programs that ensure each student has access to, and is engaged in, rigorous and relevant learning opportunities.

Our Vision:



Universal Programs and Supports (available to ALL students):

Universal Programs & Support
  • Daily best instructional practices
  • School Counseling Services
  • Opportunities for engagement and sense of belonging, including after-school clubs/programs/activities, etc.
    • For a list of after-school clubs/programs/activities at your school, please visit the school website and click on "Student Life".

Embedded Programs (students have the choice to apply or opt in):

Universal Programs - Embedded
  • Early College Studies (ECS) @ SHS
  • HS of Business @ SHS
  • International Baccalaureate DP @ SHS
  • Agricultural Science @ WHS
  • Academy of Finance @ WHS

HS Programs for 8th Graders

Strategic Programs and Support (Provide referred students an additional level of support beyond what is offered universally):

Universal Programs - Strategic
  • DOMUS Family Advocate Support 
  • On-Track Rise Coordinator Support
  • Credit and/or Grade Recovery
  • Grade Promotion Support (New Fall 2023)
  • Small-group Intervention
  • Small-group Counseling

Non-traditional Support (Offer access and support that are housed outside of the comprehensive high schools):

Universal Programs - Non-traditional
  • SPS Anchor
  • Flexible Home Tutoring
  • STEPS–Special Education (New Fall 2023)
  • Remote Learning Program (New Fall 2023)
  • Big Picture Learning Academy (New Fall 2024)
  • Adult & Continuing Education