Join the Specialist's Google Classroom

Follow the directions using the codes below

Dear Families, 

Our specialists have created a google classroom for each grade. Please have your child log on and complete the assignments for each special. To join each class follow the directions below. 

The code for Art  is ss3wcpl

                     Physical Education 6yfudse

                     Music is llirwic

                     Mr. Darling’s Band Students only is xi6lnwt

                      Mrs. Giuliano's Media Class:  bcemjzo

After logging in to your child’s google account find the plus sign in the upper right hand corner. Click on the plus sign and select join class. Enter the class code. The attachment below includes photos to help you navigate. 

If you have experience any difficulty please email Miss Kanel for assistance. 

PDF icon joining_specialists_classes.pdf32.95 KB