Accessing Google Classroom

1. Open an internet browser --- Preferably Google Chrome, Safari, or FireFox

2. Go to

3. In the top right hand corner is a blank person avatar. Click on that to log into Google's system


5. Link all data to the computer and browser to keep your school settings.

6. Back on the homepage (MAKE SURE YOU ARE SIGNED INTO YOUR SCHOOL ACCOUNT) click the 9 dots forming a box in the upper right hand corner next to your school account avatar.

7. There you should be able to access all of our available apps! Docs, Classroom, slides, and so on,

8. First thing you should go on is Google Classroom. It is an icon of an old-school chalkboard; Green with a yellow outline, it says Classroom right under it.

9. Click on that icon. It will take you to a homepage with all the classes you have been invited to.

10. Accept invites to all classes.

11. In the top right hand corner is a gray plus sign. It looks like a thin +

12. It will give you an option to "Join Class". This  is where you use codes to join other classes that you may have not been invited to you.

13. Double check you are signed up for all of your classes.

14. Enter the class codes from the school website that you may be missing.

15. Everyone needs to sign up for the appropriate grade level to the media center :

Grade 6  ii3q7ai
Grade 7  j54u2ic
Grade 8  jza6w2u