Drop Off/Pick Up Policy

You may not drop off or pick up your child without signing them in/out.

Pick-up Authorization

Only parents and the authorized individuals whose names and information has been added to the “Pick-up authorization” in the child’s file will be able to pick up the child.

NO EXCEPTIONS are made. A teacher in charge of the child during the time of pick-up must recognize the authorized individual that is picking up the child. You will be asked to show an approved photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) to identify yourself if the teacher does not recognize the individual.

Please consider and be prepared for this safety procedure.

Kinderlime Digital Sign In/out on iPad for General Education Students

APPLES Early Childhood Center uses a log in/out software that has been customized for our use in daily attendance recording. Every child is signed in/out with a unique ID assigned per name. Kinderlime provides accurate record keeping and consistent information storage. The entire code entry process takes 5 seconds.

Directions to sign your child in/out of Kinderlime:

  1. Press “Login” or “Parent Pin”

  2. Enter your unique PIN # emailed to you and press “OK”

  3. Verify that the child’s name is your child, then press “Drop off child” or “Pick up Child” under your child’s name and wait for the app to register your entry.

  4. Press “Done” on the upper left hand corner when you are finished.

  5. For Siblings: Parents and guardians of siblings share the same PIN for all children. Remember to press the “Drop off/pick up” button under each child’s name for the child that will be in attendance for the day.


  1. Where do we sign in? The device used is an iPad in the parent drop off line. Any child arriving late must report to the front office to sign in child.

  2. What do I type in? Your unique Pin # which has been assigned to you or a caregiver. Each parent/guardian with email provided in registration has their own unique Pin # for their child(ren). Every child MUST be signed in and signed out. It will record the date, time, and WHO signed in/out, all in ONE ENTRY of your unique PIN #.

  3. Does everyone on my child’s pick-up authorization list have their own Pin # assigned to them?Yes, the registrar has emailed the unique PIN number for every person on the pick-up authorization list to each family. If they have not received their unique PIN # from you, they can receive it from the office when they come.

  4. How many PIN #’s are assigned to my child? Each child will be able to utilize no more than 10 PIN #’s. (Matched with 2 parents and 8 people from the pick-up authorization list, no more than 10 #’s per student.)

  5. What do I do if I forget my pin? We do have the ability to override the check in/check out with Admin authorization. Forgotten pin can be emailed again if necessary.

  6. What if I want to add someone? Add the drop off or pickup information to the Registration form and notify the front office. The Pin # for your newly added guardian will be emailed to you.

  7. What if I no longer want that person to pick-up my child? As soon as you notify the front office and request them to be removed in writing with your signature and date, their information and Pin # will be deleted from the system. If/when you return them to the list they will be assigned a new #.

  8. May I give that Pin # to someone else? No! All individuals without a Pin # must stop in the office. Your Pin # is unique to you alone. It may not be used by someone else. We will block it if its use if it has been compromised.

  9. What if the device does not work properly? If the device malfunctions we have emergency sign in and out sheets for that day located in our office. We will then transfer that information to the system.

  10. What do I do if the screen changes? iPads for Check in/out will be locked into Single App mode. The only app visible will be the Kinderlime Check in/check out.