Special Education Referrals

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If you would like your child to be evaluated
for Special Education Services, please contact:

Gabrielle Massa
[email protected]
(203) 977-6666

Parent Referral/Community Referral

  1. Parent referral call made to the preschool team and is referred to a social worker. Social worker reviews the special education process and obtains basic demographics to mail registration packet.
  2. Registration packet is mailed.
  3. Social worker identifies student to administrator for screening group session and follow up PPT1.

Birth to Three Referral

  1. Social worker receives referral from birth to three and schedules a transition meeting at the student’s home.
  2. Social worker provides parent with registration packet and reviews special education process at the transition meeting.
  3. Administrator schedules screening group and follow up PPT 1.

Screening/Playgroups (weekly)

Students are screened two weeks before PPT


Students, parents, special education teacher, social worker,

speech pathologist, occupational therapist, psychologist


Quiet preschool classroom/OT/PT room

Time:Break between half day students 10:30 - 12:00
Session Length:45 minutes
  1. OSS/Clerical provides schedule of screening group participants one week in advance. Team reviews student information.
  2. Social worker assists parent in completing registration packet and answers questions regarding the process and next steps. SR7 signed for communication with current nursery school/day care.
  3. Children are engaged in play by the team.
  4. During the screening session parents are interviewed by each staff member. Staff members rotate to discuss parent concerns in their field of expertise.
  5. Screening form is completed by members of the team as a group. Team determines need for an on- site observation at student's nursery or day care prior to PPT 1.
  6. PPT 1 held to review findings and determine need for testing. Evaluation and PPT 2 dates are scheduled.
  7. Registration packet collected, Starbase is opened and students who are LEP should be identified as such.


  1. Evaluations should be scheduled whenever possible for one session where all team members are able to collaborate.
  2. Social worker history should occur at the convenience of the parent.
  3. Evaluations should occur at the Rippowam preschool site unless there is a hardship. And should include an observation by a preschool APPLES classroom teacher.
  4. Evaluations which are comprehensive should include more than one testing measure and an analysis of the testing results.
  5. All evaluations must be completed and shared with the parents five days in advance. An opportunity to meet with a team member to review the evaluations, documents and ppt process, procedural safeguards must be offered to the parents at this time.
  6. Draft IEP (PLOPS, goals, objectives and accommodations/modification page) every effort will be made to share it with the parent five days in advance of the meeting.
  7. PPT 2 must be held within the 45 day timeline and by the student's third birthday. Eligibility and services to be determined at this meeting.