Student Activities

AITE Clubs and Activities 2019-2020

AITE Green TeamMonday314Mr. Zarra
Art ClubMonday101Ms. Kelly
Basketball ClubFridayGymMr. Wolff
Bridge ClubTuesday107Ms. Heller
Chess ClubThursday108Mr. Andino
Debate ClubMonday & Thursday300Mr. Morest
Drama ClubMonday110Ms. Domini
Engineering/Robotics ClubThursday206Mr. Urbanowski
FBLAMonday111Ms. Zanga
Franklin Forumone Tuesday per month - Check plasma tvs300Mr. Morest
Girl Up ClubTuesday (every other)111Ms. DeAntonis
GSATuesday216Ms. Bisceglie
InteractMonday202Ms. Chadli/Ms. DeAntonis
Latin DanceTuesdayGymMs. Bonessi
Literary MagazineTuesday103Mr. Donnelly
Learning CenterCheck with teacher  
Medical Mentorship ClubMonday309Ms. Middleton/Mr. Brice
Multimedia ProductionsThursday107Mr. LaQuesse
MYLCThursday (every other)Cyber CaféMs. Graziano
Open Media CenterMonday, Tuesday & Thursday  
Programming ClubThursday311Ms. Zanga
RSPACEETuesday & Friday314Mr. Zarra
Table Top Games ClubMonday103Mr. Pollicella
Soccer ClubMonday304Mr. Stout



AITE Clubs and Activities


AITE Green Team – Students in this club will help raise awareness about environmental issues that impact the local and global community and plan activities to help promote recycling and sustainable practices.  [Monday – Rm: 314 – Mr. Zarra]

Art Club – The Art Club is an after school activity that provides materials, instruction and support for those students who are seeking a creative outlet for their artistic expression. In addition to drawing and painting students will receive instruction in photography and basic Adobe Photoshop.  [Monday – Rm: 101 – Ms. Kelly]

Basketball Club – Students in this club will learn the fundamental skills of basketball while improving their cardio level of fitness.  They will also have the opportunity to practice their skills during a drop in basketball program, where they will play officiated games and develop sportsmanship and teamwork.  [Friday – Gym – Mr. Wolff]

Bridge Club – Students in this club will develop critical thinking, math and social skills as well as improve their memory and concentration during this competitive mental sport.  Bridge develops and reinforces logical thinking, analytical skills, precise calculation, decision making, memory, concentration, patience, partnership communication skills, reasoning, strategic planning, sportsmanship and social skills. [Tuesday – Rm: 107 – Ms. Heller]

Chess Club – Students of all levels are encouraged to join the chess team where they will learn to improve their chess playing skills, meet new friends, and develop strategies and critical thinking skills through intermural type matches. [Thursday – Rm: 108 – Mr. Andino]

Debate Club – Students of all levels are encouraged to join debate club where they will learn to improve their public speaking and analysis skills by debating contemporary issues with other students.  [Monday & Thursday – Rm: 300 – Mr. Morest]

Drama Club – Students interested in all aspects of theater are encouraged to join this club.  Experience is not required.  Activities include theatrical exercises and on-campus performances. [Monday – Rm: 110 – Ms. Domini]

Engineering/Robotics Club – Students in this STEAM focused club will learn and apply the basic principles of engineering design through various projects, activities, and competitions like FIRST Robotics and Real World Design Challenge. [Thursday – Rm: 206 – Mr. Urbanowski]

FBLA – is a national career and technical student organization with the goal of helping students transition to the business world.  Students in the AITE chapter are responsible for running the sales of school merchandise and fund raising.  As a member of FBLA students will have the opportunity to participate in business competitions as well as gain exposure to guest speakers, community involvement and various professional business careers. [Monday – Rm: 111 – Ms. Zanga]

Franklin Forum – places students in the arena of public debate, challenging them to think about issues and public policy, allowing them to test their opinions, hear opposing views, and debate current issues.  The Forum teaches students how to disagree and still be agreeable even in a passionate exchange of ideas.  [One Tuesday per month. Check plasma tvs for meeting dates]

Girl Up Club – Students in Girl Up come together to address issues that are relevant to young women and provide support to each other through mentoring, group discussion, and activities. [Tuesday (every other) – Rm 111 – Ms. DeAntonis]

GSA – The Gay, Straight Alliance club strives to promote awareness of LGBTQ issues which students face in school and in the community and serves as a safe space to discuss these issues.  This club is open to all students, not just to students with LGBTQ issues, and supports our SSIP around creating a safe environment in which students can learn. [Tuesday – Rm 216 – Ms. Bisceglie]

Interact – is Rotary International’s service club for students where the focus is on carrying out service projects and developing leadership skills through learning about and helping the local and global communities. [Monday – Rm: 202 – Ms. Chadli/Ms. DeAntonis]

Latin Dance – Students in this club will learn various types of Latin dances, like Salsa and Bachata.  No experience is necessary. [Tuesday – Gym – Ms. Bonessi]

Literary Magazine – Students in this club will have a platform that supports and develops the expression of their artistic ideas outside of the classroom. The mission of the club is to empower young writers and artists by providing them with an outlet for their creativity. .[Tuesday – Rm: 103 – Mr. Donnelly]

Learning Center – This program gives students who are failing or in danger of failing the opportunity to work with their teachers after school to recover credit.  Students receive additional support, re-do projects, retake quizzes and tests, and develop a better understanding of the course content.  Instruction is aligned to the CCSS.  Since students are working with their regular teachers, the teachers are able to submit a grade change when the work in the Learning Center has been completed.  Students should check with their teachers to see whether they participate. [Check with teachers to see whether they participate.]

Medical Mentorship Club – Students in this club will learn about various careers in the health care field.  Although it is open to all students, this program has become an after school extension of our PLTW Bio Medical Program, so it enhances the current curricular offerings during the school day.  The Medical Mentorship Club (MMC) will also assess students’ general interests in the medical field and match them with interested practices in the area. [Monday – Rm: 309 – Ms. Middleton/Mr. Brice]

Multimedia Productions – Students will learn basic techniques in the use of digital cameras and audio visual equipment through collaboration and project-based learning. [Thursday – Rm: 107 – Mr. LaQuesse]

MYLC – The mission of the Mayor's Youth Leadership Council (MYLC) is to promote safe schools and communities. It is one of the largest youth activism organizations in Connecticut. MYLC uses three approaches to address social issues: public awareness activities, volunteer programs and social change campaigns. The social issues covered at AITE MYLC are Mental Health, Prevention of Suicide and Sexual Harassment/Assault. [Thursday (every other) – Cyber Café – Ms. Graziano]

Open Media Center – This program gives all students the opportunity to use the resources, like our electronic databases, to do research or projects.  It also gives them a place to do homework and to receive help from NHS tutors who are available to tutor students who need academic support.  Students can also use our newly created Maker Space.  [Monday, Tuesday & Thursday]

Programming Club – Students at all levels will develop their programming skills through various games, projects and activities. [Thursday – Rm: 311 – Ms. Zanga]

RSPACEE – Students in this club work with elementary students to plan age appropriate scientific discovery activities and lessons about earth and space to help them develop an understanding and interest about NASA space exploration, the scientific discovery process, and careers in the science field. [Tuesday & Friday – Rm: 314 - Mr. Zarra]

Table Top Games Club – Students with a common interest in fantasy and detective role playing games will collaborate on non-digital gaming in order to build social skills and create a positive school climate. [Monday – Rm: 103 – Mr. Pollicella]

Soccer Club – Students in this club will practice soccer techniques and teamwork skills through drills and competitive games. [Monday – Rm: 304 – Mr. Stout]