Bell Schedules

About the Schedules

AITE uses a block schedule A/B Day format for classes. Each day contains four class periods, 88 minutes in length. Classes meet every other day. A listing of A/B Days can be found on the school calendar.

In the event of a snow day cancellation of school, the A/B Day schedule does not change unless otherwise communicated by the Administration.

Regular Bell Schedule 

PeriodStart TimeEnd Time
17:25 AM8:53 AM
28:58 AM10:26 AM
(Lunch Wave 1)10:31 AM11:00 AM
311:05 AM12:32 PM
310:31 AM11:59 AM
(Lunch Wave 2)12:03 PM12:32 PM
412:37 PM2:05 PM

Connections Schedule


Start TimeEnd Time
17:25 AM8:40 AM
Connections8:45 AM9:29 AM
29:34 AM10:49 AM
(Lunch Wave 1)10:54 AM11:25 AM
311:30 AM12:45 PM
310:54 AM12:09 PM
(Lunch Wave 2)12:14 PM12:45 PM
412:50 PM2:05 PM

Early Dismissal Schedule

PeriodStart TimeEnd Time
17:25 AM8:27 AM


8:31 AM9:33 AM
39:37 AM10:39 AM


10:43 AM11:45 AM

Lunch is NOT served on Early Dismissal Days.

Two Hour Delayed Opening Schedule

PeriodStart TimeEnd Time
19:25 AM10:23 AM


10:28 AM11:26 AM
(Lunch Wave 1)11:31 AM11:59 AM
312:04 PM1:02 PM
311:31 AM12:29 PM
(Lunch Wave 2)12:34 PM1:02 PM
41:07 PM2:05 PM