Summer Reading

Cartoon image of person reading a book while lying on a pile of books

June 12, 2020

Dear AITE Family,

Due to the unprecedented situation this year, AITE is not requiring our traditional summer reading assignment.  Although we do not have a One Book: One Community summer reading selection, we are continuing to require students to read one book of their choosing.  Our English teachers will incorporate this requirement into an assignment when we return to school next year.  If your child needs suggestions for summer reading, the Ferguson Library has suggested reading lists which can be found in a link below.  The Governor also publishes booklists for his summer reading challenge.  You will also find the link with this information in the email below.  We also encourage parents/guardians to read the book that their children select and discuss it with them.

Students who have signed up for AP classes should check with the teachers for those who assign summer work.  This information will also be on our web site next week.

This year The Ferguson Library will use ReadSquared again for its summer reading clubs.  (ReadSquared, in case you didn't know, is a reading club software.)  They will be using the software with a very basic set-up.  Starting on today, June 12th, teens will be able to register for the club from The Ferguson Library’s  landing page  

For teens who don't have access to electronic devices they will have paper reading logs that they can pick up.  I was informed that the logs should be ready within a few days and can be picked up at the library. You can read about how the club works by accessing it from the library's web page.  The Ferguson Library also has suggested reading lists which can be found on the library's website  I was also informed that they constantly update this page.  

Lastly, the Governor's Summer Reading Challenge booklists, and related materials are finally available at

Happy reading!

Ms. Rivera