Student Distance Learning

Image of Distance Learning key on a keyboard

Dear Students:

AITE and many schools throughout the district will be using digital learning while school is closed.  Please be aware that you are expected to log onto your laptops or phones starting on Monday for the next 2 weeks during your regular scheduled class time from 7:20 am – 2:05 pm.  This is not school break.  Monday will be a B-day. Tuesday, March 17 will be an A-day and we will follow a regular schedule with no Connection Time.  Teachers will be posting resources and assignments electronically; they will also be available to answer questions and deliver instruction.  You will be notified if a teacher is out sick and unable to answer questions on any day during this time but they should still check for the assignment for the day.

Please check email for specific instructions about what learning platform each teacher uses (many use Google Classroom).  Teachers will be notifying your school counselors if you are not completing assignments or participating in online discussions.  You can also email the teachers directly if you have any questions or contact the main office from 7:30 am – 2:30 pm on Monday through Friday.

Stay well,

Ms. Rivera