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Weekly Message from the Superintendent

Dear Staff and Families,

During our September principals meeting, our leadership team had the opportunity to discuss the master staffing plan.  The goal of the Master Staffing Plan is to identify the staffing needs at each of our buildings similar to the Master Facilities Plan that identifies the facilities needs across the district.

We will host similar conversations with building level and central office staff as well as families and community members in the next few months.  Please stay tuned for dates and times for these meetings.

Community Health Center - School Based Health Care

We are excited to share that we have added school-based behavioral health care services to Newfield, Toquam, Strawberry Hill, and Anchor through a partnership with Community Health Centers.  These behavioral health services include individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, and crisis intervention services.  We have continuing school-based behavioral health care services at Julia Stark, Springdale, Roxbury, Northeast, and Hart elementary schools.  Please see the attached (English / Spanish) if you are interested in registering your child for school-based behavioral health care services. 

First View Bus Tracking App (Update) 

We know that while many of our families have been successfully using the First View App to track their children, many others have been frustrated during these first weeks of school due to their children’s bus not appearing, or not being tracked correctly.  These issues are caused by the numerous route and driver changes resulting from late registrations and bus driver shortages.  We are optimistic that the App will become more reliable and useful to all families over the next several weeks.

For information on how to access and use the app, please visit the SPS Transportation page: Transportation - Stamford Public Schools.

September 11 Remembrance

Thank you to the Woodside Fire House for hosting a 911 remembrance last Sunday, recognizing the sacrifices made at the World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001.  We appreciate your willingness to gather us all to remember members of the Stamford community and other communities, as well as all of the brave First Responders, we sadly lost that fateful day.

I also had the opportunity last week to visit Ms. Kim Mazzeo, an eighth grade teacher at Scofield Magnet School.  During my visit, students shared interviews they conducted with family members, noting where the person was on September 11, 2001.

Thank you to Ms. Mazzeo and all the teachers and staff that found creative ways for students to understand the events of September 11, 2001, long before each of them were born.

Recruitment and Retention Update

At Tuesday’s Labor Committee meeting, our new Director of Recruitment and Retention, Mrs. Davis, outlined her vision for continuing to identify and welcome new staff to Stamford Public Schools.  If you missed the presentation, please click the following link for the PowerPoint.

Ms. Davis also reminded us that we continue to hire in all areas of the organization.  Please click this link for more information.

I want to take a moment to thank our HR staff for their hard work and dedication.  Each of our HR staff members went above and beyond the call of duty to successfully open the school year.

Finally, thank you to Springdale PTO for the invitation to your back-to-school event on Tuesday. Kudos to the staff, students and families that braved the intermittent showers to play a nice game of wiffle ball.

As we attend this and other events, I must say it is nice to see us all step out from behind our computer and iPhone screens and enjoy the final days of summer.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Dr. Tamu Lucero

Superintendent of Schools



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