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Weekly Message from the Superintendent

Dr. Lucero in front of a white board.

Dear Staff and Families,

On Monday night, members of our team, BOE members, educators, families, students, and community members attended the Educational Roundtable.  We appreciated the numerous confirmations of what many of us locally have been discussing and noting for some time specifically related to grading practices, options for midterms and finals, and attendance.

We will continue to discuss these important issues with our staff, students and families. 

Areas of focus in the coming year will include ensuring grades are used as a way for students

to demonstrate what they have learned, the importance of separating attendance from grades,

and the necessity of developing numerous options for demonstrating mastery, including but not limited to final assessments.

One acknowledged shortcoming in the Roundtable was the failure to offer interpretation, which prevented many members of our diverse community from being active participants.  Following Monday’s event, we reached out to the organizers and offered to have the School Development Department translate the presentation so it would be accessible to more families.

Long-Term Facilities Meeting

Last week we had the opportunity to hear more about the Master Facilities Plan. The revised plan addresses facilities needs at each of our campuses over a 20-year period.

As a reminder, school facilities applications were submitted to rebuild Westhill and Roxbury.  By June 30, 2023, we plan to submit an application for a two-campus school (K-4, 5-8) to accommodate students in the Lockwood Avenue, Cove, and Shippan neighborhoods who currently attend K.T. Murphy and Toquam.

We are in the process of scheduling community engagement opportunities for these neighborhoods to share more details about the project.  Please stay tuned for more information.

Capital Budget Proposal

During the BOE Special Operations committee meeting last Thursday, members of the facilities, technology, and security teams collaboratively presented the short and long-term capital proposed budget.

The long-term capital plan includes various roof, HVAC, and bathrooms projects that are outlined in the first phase of the Master Facilities plan.  The short-term capital proposed budget includes safety and security recommendations such as creating vestibules, providing staff entry fobs, and installing vaping sensors.  The short-term budget also includes technology upgrades and infrastructure updates.  

For a complete list of proposed short and long-term capital projects, please click this link.

Sacred Heart Literacy Program-Remedial Reading and Language Arts Certification 102

Thank you to Marilyn Schlosser, a Northeast Elementary teacher and member of the SEA superintendent consultation committee, who recommended we offer the Remedial Reading and Language Arts (102) certification for teachers in grades K-3.  

This certification – which has been offered in Stamford previously – requires the completion of seven courses (21 credits), including two clinical experiences over a two-year period.  The district is offering this opportunity to elementary SPS employees and will pay a portion of the tuition.  Educators with a Master’s Degree who are interested in joining this cohort should email Deb Amaro by Monday, November 7 for more information.

Courtland Playground

On Wednesday, the Mayor hosted a ribbon cutting for the new Courtland Avenue playground in Glenbrook.  This is a wonderful addition to our city and I encourage all families to visit this brand new play area with their children.

Thank you to all of the families, staff, students, and community members and leaders that joined SPEF for the MarcUS for Change event.  It was amazing to see so many families and friends running on an early Sunday morning.  Congratulations to Stamford High School for receiving the SPEF 2022 School Spirit Award.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Dr. Tamu Lucero

Superintendent of Schools


Haitian Creole

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