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Student Life

Rigorous Academics

SPS prioritizes providing diverse and challenging academic courses at every age.  



Our high schools offer some of the most advanced high school course options in the state. 



Engaging Student Experience

Across SPS, students are offered learning opportunities and experiences in a wide array of interests and areas of focus. Through in-school enrichment programming and after-school activities we prepare our students for a successful transition into higher education and careers. SPS offers an extensive list of clubs, activities, and after school enrichment activities to suit a variety of interests.


Promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Understanding

SPS schools are places where diversity and inclusion are fostered and embraced. We work collectively to support students, staff and community partners to work toward the goal of providing equitable opportunities for all students in order to minimize achievement and opportunity gaps.

SPS is committed to ensuring that all SPS students have access to needed technology, including Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Tablet (PreK)
  • Touchscreen Chromebook (K)
  • Chromebook (1-8)
  • Laptop (9-12)

Growing Together

SPS enrollment grew by 0.28% annually from 2017-2023.  Enrollment statewide and in neighboring districts declined over the same period. 

SPS is innovating to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the foundation needed to achieve long-term career goals. Career Connected Learning helps students adapt classroom learning to the real world and develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset to thrive in work, career, and community. SPS offers 9 unique learning programs: 

Students can apply to these programs regardless of their districted school.