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Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

Stamford Public Schools, in collaboration with Stamford Cradle to Career, is currently hosting community workshops to discuss the goals and objectives that should be included in the SPS 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.  The 2022-2027 SPS Strategic Plan builds on the successes of our 2017-2022 plan.  Our new plan will be informed by input from multiple sources, including:

  • Cabinet and the District Leadership Team - Workshops and Surveys were completed by the Superintendent's Cabinet and 70+ district leaders throughout January - March 2022
  • Superintendent’s Community Conversation - Small and large group conversations held February - June 2022
  • Stamford Public Education Foundation’s “Parent Voice Project”  - Small, multi-lingual focus groups hosted January-March 2022
  • SAMG Long-term Facilities Plan - Community Feedback Sessions held January-March 2022
  • 2022 SPS School Climate Survey - Digital survey conducted April/May 2022
  • SPS Strategic Planning Workshops - Community and School workshops being held May/June 2022


In addition to focusing on providing personalized levels of support and programming for our students, SPS will continue to optimize resources, enhance teaching and learning and strengthen curriculum.  Additional priorities identified by the District Leadership team and community members include:

  • Strengthen Social Emotional Learning

  • Overcome the learning losses of the global pandemic

  • Enhance Equity of Access and Opportunity

    • Increase Communications 

    • Enhance Community Engagement and Collaboration

    • Initiate Long-term Master Facilities Plan

    • Maintain Fiscally Responsible Budgeting