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2017-2022 District Strategic Plan clone

Stamford Public Schools Strategic Plan

During the 2016-2017 school year, Stamford Public Schools brought together students, parents, teachers, administrators, business leaders and community members to identify strengths of our district on which to expand, as well as areas that needed additional attention. This effort resulted in the development of a new Mission and Vision for the district, approved by the Board of Education in Fall 2017. The Mission and Vision mark a shift in approach that now expands our focus beyond academics to also include student learning in all dimensions of mind, body and heart.


The mission of the Stamford Public Schools is to provide an education that cultivates productive habits of mind, body and heart in every student.


The Stamford Public Schools will be a learning organization that continuously improves its effective, innovative and transformational teaching and learning.  We will challenge, inspire and prepare all students to be productive contributing members of society.

District Strategic Plan 

The resulting 2017-2022 District Strategic Plan was designed to actualize the robust and challenging new Mission and Vision.  At its highest level, the plan comprises four strategic goals with a number of initiatives and action steps in place to accomplish those goals. Some are currently underway while others are planned for the coming years. 
Schools are building their annual School Improvement Plans around the District Strategic Plan. We will report out on the progress toward goals on a regular basis to the Board of Education.
In an effort to simplify and summarize the plan, we have created a District Strategic Plan Overview

Four Strategic Goals:

  1. Promote a Learning Organization That Supports Productive Habits of Mind, Body & Heart
  2. Foster Productive Habits of Mind
  3. Foster Productive Habits of Body
  4. Foster Productive Habits of Heart

Our Theory of Action

If we . . .
  • Establish a learning community based on trust, where all feel connected, known and valued
  • Provide every learner a relevant and rigorous education in a safe environment
  • Foster a culture that encourages risk-taking, problem-solving and embracing change
  • Partner with our community and engage our families to maximize opportunities
  • Instill a sense of pride in all who are part of our school system
Then we . . .
  • Ensure the Stamford Public Schools graduates become lifelong learners, creators and contributing members of society.

Background on the Process

Stamford Public Schools (SPS) began its long-term strategic planning process in partnership with Cambridge Education, a management consulting organization specializing in school improvement and education change management in late 2016. With input and guidance from a broad range of stakeholders, the district will develop a long-range vision and a five-year plan to drive improvement across SPS.  District strategic planning is being coordinated with the communitywide, United Way-sponsored, Cradle-to-Career collective impact initiative.

As part of the planning process, Cambridge Education conducted a District Quality Review to examine what is working and what needs improvement in the district. The review identified evidence of strength and deficit in each of six areas:  Student Learning and Development Outcomes; Leadership, Management, and Accountability; Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Engagement of Families and the Community; Human and Fiscal Responsibility; and Operational Systems.

District Quality Review

Press releases 

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