Westover Magnet Elementary School

Westover Magnet Elementary School is one of Stamford's 13 elementary schools and one of five magnet elementary schools. The school has approximately 775 students. The instructional focus of Westover is the MAPS Program (Mastery Learning Arts and Problem Solving).

Teachers offer both basic and focus classes. Basic courses are those in which all children must participate and learn basic skills. Focus courses are intensified explorations of a subject in which each child is given an opportunity for further study in one of the arts or problem-solving areas. The centerpiece of the Westover curriculum is the Talents Unlimited Program, which is a student-centered, talent-focused strategy for encouraging higher-level thinking skills and relating skills to the world.

Westover also participates in instructional data teams (IDT) to analyze and monitor student performance. Through these analyses, teachers identify student strengths and weaknesses, discuss strategies and determine a plan of action to increase student achievement. The IDT, along with the School Governance Council, focus on district and school goals and initiatives to update the School Improvement Plan annually. Students in need of reading support are selected to participate in before and after school scientifically research-based programs.

Westover also houses a Family Resource Center supported by a partnership of the Department of Human Resources and the Department of Education.

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Bell Times

Regular Day Schedule
9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Delayed Opening
11:00 AM

Early Release
1:20 PM