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The History of Julia A. Stark School

1891 Glenbrook School is opened.
1892 Julia A. Stark is principal.
1898 School committee accepts 4-room Glenbrook School building.
1912 Four rooms are added to Glenbrook School.
1925 Architect Lorne renders his concept of a new Glenbrook School. It was just before the Great Depression and funds were not available to build the entire school as Lorne proposed in this first design.
1927 Original Stark School completed one year after School Committee submits first million-dollar budget in the history of Stamford. Only one wing was constructed. Francis L. Mayers was the new architect.

At this time, there were 441 students, 12 rooms, and 14 teachers.
1930 An addition is built. There are now 544 students, 14 rooms, and 19 teachers.
1951 The Federal Security Agency gives the go-ahead for use of critical materials (controlled during war time) for the construction of another addition to Stark School.
1953 Addition consisting of 8 classrooms, 2 kindergarten rooms, an auditorium, a combination gymnasium/cafeteria.
1967 Fire destroys Glenbrook School; classes are sent to Church of the Archangels.
1968 Stark School is placed on double sessions to accommodate students from Glenbrook School.
1970 Second Addition is completed. The two-story wing contains 8 classrooms, a cafeteria, and utility and special services room.
1977 On the 20th Anniversary of the American Flag, the North Stamford Exchange Club donates Freedom Shrine to be placed in the front lobby.
1978 50th Anniversary Celebration is held with the dedication of primary playground on Glenbrook Road.
2002 Stark School celebrated its 75th Anniversary on May 31st with an all day event featuring a Student Showcase. On October 18, 2002, an Adult Evening of celebration was held at a dinner dance at the Italian Center.