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Fun & Easy Ways to Support Newfield School


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Grade A Cards: Order your CASH CARD and go shopping at Grade A /Shoprite - Contact Deidre Goldberg

Gift Card

Box Tops: Please collect your Box Tops throughout the school year. Every Box Top that we collect is 10 Cents for our school!

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Labels For Education: Clip UCP’s from participating products and Newfield Elementary School will earn FREE educational merchandise!

Labels for Education

Stop and Shops A+ School Rewards Program: Register your Stop and Shop card with their A+ for Schools rewards program to participate in the A+ Rewards program. Go to or call 877-275-2758. Please be sure to register your card to benefit Newfield School using ID #09021.


Target - Take Charge of Education Program: Register your Target charge card so that Newfield can receive a donation every time you visit Target. Find out about TARGET Fundraising (en espanol) and Click here in order to register

Target Gift Card

Ink Cartridges! Recycling helps support our School. Our School earns up to $4.00 for each empty inkjet cartridge recycled. Please drop off your used cartridges in the cardboard box behind the glass doors in the Media Center.

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