Toquam Magnet Elementary School

Toquam Magnet Elementary School is one of Stamford's 13 elementary schools and one of five magnet elementary schools.  The school has approximately 700 students. Toquam offers a child-centered approach to thematic learning which stems from The Bank Street College of Education philosophy and curricula model. Social Studies is the core curriculum through which academic subjects and the arts are integrated.

The curriculum is rigorous and encourages interacting with the environment, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and individual development. The staff facilitates learning opportunities for students to acquire strong academic competencies, build community, grow in responsibility, and develop respect for self and others. Educational trips, cultural enrichment activities, peer tutoring, student run projects, before and after school support programs, and interest clubs are all part of the school day.

Toquam also participates in instructional data teams (IDT) to analyze and monitor student performance. Through these analyses, teachers identify student strengths and weaknesses, discuss strategies and determine a plan of action to increase student achievement. The IDTs, along with the School Governance Council, focus on district and school goals and initiatives to update the School Improvement Plan annually. Toquam values family and community involvement with the school and continues to work closely with members of the school community, the PTO, and community organizations.

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Bell Times

Regular Day Schedule
9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Delayed Opening
11:00 AM

Early Release
1:20 PM

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Amy Beldotti Principal (203) 977-4555
Angela Asaro Assistant Principal (203) 977-5247
Shawn Marinello Administrative Intern (203) 977-5624
Deborah Amaro OSS (203) 977-5340
Barbara Andrews OSS (203) 977-4613