Scofield Magnet Middle School

Scofield Magnet Middle School is the only intra-district magnet middle school out of five middle schools in Stamford. Scofield has approximately 700 students. The school implements the district curricula utilizing the Carnegie Foundation research guidelines on early adolescence.

The school philosophy is that students need to learn to think critically, master an appropriate body of knowledge, learn to apply knowledge in new and unfamiliar settings, and to develop a constant desire to learn something new. The students acquire an appreciation for science as a critical inquiry across the subject areas so they are able to have the necessary skills for employment.

While using an interdisciplinary approach to learning, special emphasis is placed on the school’s instructional focus of math, science, and technology. The goal of the school is to involve students in a learning partnership with the school, home, and community in order to ensure success for all students. Scofield employs a flexible block schedule and teaches core subjects to students in varying homogenous and heterogeneous combinations.

The school is a recognized New England League of Middle Schools (NELMS) Spotlight School and has been recognized by the Connecticut Association of Schools for demonstrating “Exemplary Teaming Practices”.

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Bell Times

Regular Day Schedule
8:00 AM to 2:40 PM

Delayed Opening
10:00 AM

Early Release
12:20 PM

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Scott Clayton Principal (203) 977-2770
Donna Gardner Assistant Principal (203) 977-2773
James Forde Administrative Intern (203) 977-4511
Stacey Burkhardt OSS (203) 977-2752
Deborah Moss OSS (203) 977-2753