2016-2017 District School Registration

2017-2018 Magnet School Applications

For details on Magnet School deadlines and processes, go to Magnet School Information page.


All children who reside legally in Stamford and are between the ages of five and eighteen years old are eligible to attend Stamford Public Schools.

Please use the School Lookup tool to find your district school.

Registering Your Child for Your District School for the 2016-2017 school year

Registration is a TWO-STEP PROCESS:

STEP 1: You must fill out the online registration form. Families who need assistance with the online form may go to the Office of Family and Community Engagement, located on the third floor of the Government Center to access a computer. Computers will be available Monday through Friday, from 8a.m. to 4p.m. 

STEP 2: Please call us at 203-977-5312, 203-977-4118, or 203-977-4465 to schedule a registration appointment. 


Students who are entering 6th & 9th grade and are currently attending Stamford Public Schools can go to their respective middle and high schools (Mon-Fri, 9:00am - 12:00pm) to provide proof of address and an updated physical.

Registration Requirements:

To register a student for school you must provide:

  • Original birth certificate (long form)
  • Photo ID of parent or legal guardian
    • Registration is by parent or legal guardian only
    • Proof of legal guardianship is required
  • 2 forms of Proof of Address: Please see our Proof of Address guidelines for more information.
    • If you rent:
      • A current lease AND a current utility bill (phone, gas, electric, cable, or water)
    • If you own:
      • A deed or current tax bill or bank mortgage showing ownership of a residence in Stamford AND a current utility bill (phone, gas, electric, cable or water)
    • If you are not listed on a lease you must have a notarized residency form completed
  • Health Requirements: Current physical exam and immunization record

Registration Forms:

ADDITIONAL FORMS FOR NEW STUDENTS ENTERING WESTHILL HIGH SCHOOL (NEW means students who are not currently enrolled in Stamford Public Schools):

** Please read the following information carefully BEFORE going to register your child **

Students registering for the Stamford Public School district fall into three categories:

  • Entering Kindergarten: Stamford children who will be five years old on or before January 1, 2017 will be eligible to attend Kindergarten in the Stamford Public Schools beginning September.
  • Entering Grades 1-12: These are Stamford children who did not attend kindergarten in Stamford, are transferring from a Private School or whose parent(s)/guardian(s) have recently moved to stamford.
  • Entering a Magnet School: Entry to one of the District's six Magnet schools is through an annual district-wide Lottery and the registration process, therefore, follows a different path. Please visit the Magnet Schools section of our website for detailed information about the Magnet Schools, the Magnet Lottery and the Magnet School Admission process
  • Re-registration of rising 6th and 9th grade student: New Stamford Board of Education regulations for reregistration require proof of current immunizations and a current physical in order for a student to begin grades six or nine in September 2016.
    • In order to re-register your child, you must provide photo ID, proof of address (lease/tax bill/deed AND utility bill) and a current physical and immunization record.

Important! No child will be admitted to school without proper immunizations or proof of Stamford residency.

For specific questions and more School Registration information, please contact the Office of Family Engagement:

203-977-5312, 203-977-4118, 203-977-4465