Stamford Public Schools Provides Update on Long-Term Vision and Strategic Planning Process

District Quality Review Shared With BOE
Advisory Committee Members at June 5 Meeting
Advisory Committee Members at June 5 Meeting

Stamford Public Schools (SPS) is on target with its long-term visioning and strategic planning process, which it is conducting in partnership with Cambridge Education, a management consulting organization specializing in school improvement and education change management.

SPS continues to refine its Vision, Mission and Core Values statements in response to feedback from Advisory and Steering Committee input. The final drafts will be presented and voted on at an upcoming meeting of the Stamford Board of Education.

The District Quality Review (DQR) process conducted by Cambridge Education examined some school and district functions. The main findings of the DQR were used to identify the high-level strategies for the long-term improvement plan and were presented to the BOE in mid-May.

On June 5, 2017, the district held the third scheduled Advisory Committee meeting, attended by some 90 community and district leaders. The meeting was an opportunity to share the strategies with the group. In small groups, participants reviewed the strategies and began to identify community-based initiatives aligned with the strategies that will have the greatest impact on student outcomes. Once the district-wide initiatives are finalized, each will have a corresponding action plan that will be implemented under the long-term strategic plan.

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