Stamford Public Schools Provides Third Update on Long-Term Vision and Strategic Planning Process

Stamford Public Schools (SPS) continued its long-term visioning and strategic planning process in partnership with Cambridge Education, a management consulting organization specializing in school improvement and education change management.

In an ongoing effort to gather input and guidance from a broad range of stakeholders, the district hosted the second of three planned SPS Visioning and Strategic Planning Advisory Committee meetings on May 2, 2017. Some 150 members of the community and district staff provided feedback on the newly developed aspirational vision and mission statements. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 95% of those in attendance either agreeing or strongly agreeing with the vision, mission and values as presented.

In the words of one Strategic Planning Advisory Committee Member, SPS Paraeducator Bonnie Kim Campbell, “This mission statement is broad enough to address the future and succinct enough to not lose the importance of hometown matters!”

Once finalized, the vision and mission will be shared with all SPS staff members, featured on the district website and distributed at various meetings and venues throughout the city. Guided by that vision, mission, and a progression of achievable benchmarks, a strategic plan focused on core improvement strategies will be developed.

As part of the planning process, Cambridge Education conducted a District Quality Review (DQR) to examine what is working and what needs improvement in the district. The review identified evidence of strength and deficit in each of six areas:  Student Learning and Development Outcomes; Leadership, Management, and Accountability; Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Engagement of Families and the Community; Human and Fiscal Responsibility; and Operational Systems.

The results of the DQR were shared with the district leaders and Steering Committee in mid-April. Using the identified areas of opportunity as a starting point, the Steering Committee and district leadership will identify major strategic goals, objectives and initiatives that will have the greatest impact on student outcomes. The final plan will focus effort on achieving those goals, objectives and initiatives that will best support the community’s shared vision and mission for the students and citizens of Stamford.  

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