Stamford Public School Provides Update on Long-Term Vision and Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Plan Word Collage

In February, Stamford Public Schools (SPS) continued its long-term visioning and strategic planning process in partnership with Cambridge Education, a management consulting organization specializing in school improvement and education change management. This past fall, SPS convened its Visioning and Strategic Planning Steering Committee, which includes district stakeholders representing school and district personnel, as well as community members, a parent representative, and a student representative.

The Steering Committee has thus far agreed to their role and the process for Visioning and Strategic Planning. They have identified important stakeholders to the process and shared ideas about communicating and coordinating efforts across Stamford. The Steering Committee also began to draft a renewed Vision, Mission, and Values statement for the district. They have also begun to identify and examine the root causes of the challenges that currently face the district.

On March 7, the Steering Committee will engage with a larger Advisory Committee to collect feedback on the draft Vision, Mission, and Values statements. Some 300 Advisory Committee members will be invited to participate in this process. Those invited include members of several civic organizations, district alumni, municipal employees, elected officials, social service providers, religious organizations, higher-education providers, early childhood service providers, senior groups, arts groups, parents, students, and others. The district is also working with the United Way’s Stamford Cradle-to-Career (SC2C) leadership team to ensure that community input is sought and considered in these aligned initiatives.

“Stamford is a community that cares deeply about its children and creating the best possible environment for them to grow and succeed,” said Superintendent of Stamford Public Schools, Earl Kim. “We value the feedback from these stakeholders and look forward to their support as we create our strategic plan. We are also very fortunate to have the complementary work of the Cradle-to-Career initiative. By aligning our vision and work with their ongoing efforts, we benefit from collective impact and increase the likelihood that all of our students will be successful.”

This larger Advisory Committee will provide feedback from SPS’s diverse stakeholders before a collective and aspirational Vision, Mission, and Values can be shared with the wider community of Stamford. The Advisory Committee will convene another two times, in early May and again in June, to collect feedback on additional components of the Strategic Plan.

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