Newfield Elementary School

Newfield Elementary School is one of Stamford's 13 elementary schools. Newfield is located in the residential neighborhood of Pepper Ridge Road in Stamford, with approximately 625 students. Newfield is a Responsive Classroom Leadership School that focuses on integrating social skills with academic skills and school wide discipline through use of district leaders, a school-wide discipline policy, all-school meetings, and all-school field trips. The Responsive Classroom Program also includes Morning Meetings, Academic Choice, Guided Discovery, Rules and Logical Consequences, and Home School Communication. Enrichment and remedial programs are also provided.

Student have won numerous academic awards as well as art and writing contests. Community organizations present informational programs to various grades throughout the year. Student Council is a vibrant philanthropic organization that serves the community by collecting funds, food, and other items for those in need. The school also has a mentor literacy program whereby individuals from the community meet with students to support learning as well as offer individual attention.

Newfield focuses its school improvement efforts in the primary areas of literacy, mathematics and family engagement. The school provides students with academic and enrichment opportunities before, during, and after school hours. Newfield also participates in instructional data teams to analyze and monitor student performance.

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Regular Day Schedule
8:10 AM to 2:40 PM

Delayed Opening
10:10 AM

Early Release
12:30 PM

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lisa Saba-Price Principal (203) 977-4281
Sharon Longo Assistant Principal (203) 977-4280
Karen Hart Administrative Intern (203) 977-5099
Marie Milbrun OSS (203) 977-5076
Soraya Sahdala OSS (203) 977-4611