Hart Magnet Elementary School

Hart Magnet Elementary School is one of Stamford's 13 elementary schools and one of five magnet elementary schools. The school has approximately 630 students, and focuses on technology and an inquiry-based approach to science. In the 2012-13 school year, Hart Magnet was recognized by the State of Connecticut as a “School of Distinction” and was identified as one of Connecticut’s 17 most improved schools based on the Connecticut Mastery Test performance.

The school is situated in downtown Stamford and takes advantage of its location by sharing the diversity of arts offered within the city. Its location provides opportunities for field trips to UCONN Stamford, Stamford Hospital, the Palace Theater, and Miller River Project, to name a few. Hart Magnet is a member of the Mill River Collaboration and the students participate in outdoor classes and hands-on activities while they study the ecosystems. 

In partnership with parents and the Stamford community, Hart Magnet School provides its students with a learning environment that ensures a firm foundation in the basics and fosters respect for the diverse population. The theme of environmental studies allows the students to find a connection between their own community and the world in which they live, creating productive citizens and resourceful, life-long learners. Each grade level adopts a scientific theme which carries throughout the year with projects, events and experiments.

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Bell Times

Regular Day Schedule
8:55 AM to 3:25 PM

Delayed Opening
10:55 AM

Early Release
1:15 PM

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Linda Darling Principal (203) 977-5085
MaryAnn Mara Assistant Principal (203) 977-5083
Michelle Cain Administrative Intern (203) 977-5082
Carolyn Lowe OSS (203) 977-5082
Thomara Harrod OSS (203) 977-5198