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  • What is the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)?
    • State Department reading assessment for grades K-3
    • Identifies substantially deficient students
    • Assesses a student’s reading progress over time
    • Scores are given for comprehension, fluency, and accuracy
    • Administered in the fall, winter, and spring (spring administration only in Kindergarten)
  • How is the DRA used?
    • Informs parents and teachers of students’ current independent reading levels
    • Identifies strengths and weaknesses
    • Helps teachers plan for small group reading instruction
    • Determines students’ instructional needs and plans for intervention


  • How has the DRA changed? 
 DRA Classic
 DRA 2
 Rational for Change

Untimed oral reading

Timed oral reading for levels 14-40

Testing stops if words per minute rate is not met

Slow reading rate effects comprehension

Oral student responses   

Written student responses levels 28-40

Alignment with CMT objectives, which are based on state Standards

Levels range from A-44

Levels from A-40

Students are not tested more than one grade level above their current grade

Fictional stories    

Nonfiction texts at levels 16, 28, and 38

CMT reading selections are nonfiction