Alternate Routes to Success (ARTS) Program

The ARTS Program currently operates alternative community-learning centers and home instruction tutorial programs. The ARTS Program makes the necessary accommodations to address both students’ academic and emotional success. Students are provided structured direction for improving academic, social and behavioral achievement goals through a team approach.

Students are place in the ARTS Program through a standardized intake process. Staff, students and families work together to establish a set of goals which result in signing a contract. Parents/guardians are recognized as crucial members of the school team. Student academic growth is addressed through a diagnostic prescriptive approach that individualizes the student’s educational program. The ultimate goal is to return many students to their district schools, although some students may achieve success by graduating from the ARTS Program. Some students continue on to post secondary education.

Frequent communication between the school and the home, as well as ongoing contract with district schools and outside agencies is a key component of the ARTS Program.

The following alternative learning centers and home instruction programs include teachers, tutors, support staff and student advocates:

The Stamford Public Schools has a referral process for students to appropriately access the Alternate Routes To Success Program.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Mike Meyer (203) 977-5312
Mairead Collins Guidance Counselor (203) 977-4824
Ivy Hylton-Dalhouse Office Support Specialist (203) 977-4119